Stiefel - Products for Performance & Muscles

A horse's body is not designed to carry humans on its back.

Therefore, special training and a balanced supply of nutrients for the muscles are required in order to optimally prepare the horse's body for riding.

Recurring muscle problems such as tension, insufficient muscle development, hardening, etc. can have various causes. They could be the result of external factors such as an ill-fitting saddle or internal factors such as inadequate nutrition or training.

There are a variety of therapeutic treatment methods available these days including physiotherapy and osteopathy. It is also advisable to activate and support muscle metabolism through supplementary feeding.

Performance & Muscles: 17 products


  • Stiefel Rice Germ Oil
    • 100% natural oil
    • Taste-neutral oil
    • For sports and performance horses
  • Stiefel Mineral
    • Supplementary feed for horses
    • For breeding, sports and leisure horses
    • Presentation: Pellet
  • Stiefel Vitamin Liquid
    • Can compensate for feed-related deficiencies
    • With trace elements and amino acids
    • Can have a positive effect on the general condition
  • Stiefel Amino Plus
    • With valuable amino acids
    • To support muscle development
    • Can promote performance
  • Stiefel Mag Plus Pellet
    • Reduction of stress reactions
    • Additional Vitamin E
    • Dietary feed
  • Stiefel Suspension
    • For painful joints and tendons
    • Suited for cooling
    • With Kaolin
  • Stiefel Hawthorn
    • Leaves with blossoms
    • Benefits cardiovascular circulation
    • Suitable for older horses
  • Stiefel Mag Plus Powder
    • Magnesium with Vitamin B12
    • Dietary feed
    • May have a concentration enhancing effect
  • Stiefel E-Plus Powder
    • Prevents feed-related deficiencies
    • For performance, fitness and resilience
    • Vitamin E with selenium and lysine
  • Stiefel Electrolyte
    • For rapid regeneration
    • Dietetic feed
    • Water-soluble
  • Stiefel E-Power Liquid
    • Vitamin E with selenium + lysine
    • Bioavailable ingredients
    • With vitamin E & selenium deficiency
  • Stiefel E-Plus Pellet
    • For performance and fitness
    • A deficiency of vitamin E and selenium
    • For performance and fitness
  • Stiefel Liquid Electrolyte
    • Contains sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium
    • For compensation of electrolyte losses
    • Dietetic feed for horses
  • Stiefel Mag Plus Liquid
    • Magnesium with vitamin B12
    • Can be provided orally in liquid form
    • Reduces stress reactions
  • Stiefel Mineral Paste
    • Green mineral clay
    • With essential trace elements
    • Regenerating effect
  • Stiefel Manganese Plus
    • Positive effect on muscles, tendons & joints
    • Can promote health maintenance & regeneration of the musculoskeletal system
    • May contribute to faster regeneration
  • Stiefel Horse Cream
    • Natural ingredients
    • Regenerating
    • Revitalising

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