Minerals to Supplement the Daily Feed

Ensuring that a horse's daily nutritional needs - including minerals and vitamins - are met is absolutely essential for good health.

Unfortunately, the correct amount of minerals is hard to provide with modern husbandry and feeding practices. Since all minerals interact with each other and can strengthen, inhibit or even undo the effects of one another, it is important to supplement minerals in the right proportions.

Keep in mind that every horse is unique. What is perfect for one horse may not be enough for another. Therefore, in addition to ensuring a basic supply of essential minerals, each horse should be evaluated and any deficiency symptoms should be addressed individually.

Minerals: 5 products


  • Stiefel Brewer's Yeast
    • With vitamin B
    • Contains trace elements
    • Natural substances
  • Stiefel Mineral
    • Supplementary feed for horses
    • For breeding, sports and leisure horses
    • Presentation: Pellet
  • Stiefel Organic Mineral
    • Prevents diet-related deficiency symptoms
    • High-quality supplement to the basic feed ration
    • Grain Free
  • Stiefel Vitamin Liquid
    • Can compensate for feed-related deficiencies
    • With trace elements and amino acids
    • Can have a positive effect on the general condition
  • Stiefel Complete Plus
    • To improve the daily feed ration
    • Mineral feed based on herbs
    • Balanced composition

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