Feed Accessories for Simple Feeding

These clever accessories make it easy to feed your horse

These handy accessories make it easy to feed your horse, whether you're at the stable or on the go. The feed bowls have a 5 L capacity and are perfect for storing or preparing feed. The bowls come with a lid to make transport extra easy. The Stiefel Mash Spoon is a handy tool for stirring liquid feed and is easy to wash.

Feed Accessories: 3 products


  • Stiefel 5L Feed Bowl with Lid
    • 5L capacity
    • Includes a lid
    • For preparing feed
  • Stiefel Mash Spoon
    • Ideal for stirring liquid feed
    • Easy to use
    • Easy to clean
  • Stiefel 17 l Flexischale Bucket
    • Bucket with 17 l capacity
    • Multiuse
    • Made of flexible plastic

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