Stiefel Insect Repellents

Stiefel Insect Repellents

Stay protected all summer long with Stiefel

Summer is, unfortunately, insect season, but at Stiefel, you'll find a large selection of insect repellents to support both you and your horse.

In addition to our award-winning RP1 product, this year we launched two new products with two different active ingredients that expand and complement our wide range of RP1s.

All of our fly repellants cover the natural odour of the horse, shielding them from insects by masking their scent.

Optimal protection with minimal product use:

For the most effective use, apply the product offer a broad area. When applied, the volatile properties of the active ingredient form a thin, protective cloud of scent that masks the scent of the horse, offering several hours of protection. Your horse is immediately protected as soon as the products are applied.


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