RP1 by Stiefel - Pleasant & Effective

RP1 for effective insect repellent

The RP1 range contains the active ingredient Icaridin, which is nearly odourless. The scent doesn't bother horses or riders. Icaridin is very skin-friendly and is suitable for sensitive horses and riders.

The RP1 by Stiefel is available in different varieties and designs, so you're sure to find the right product for you.

The RP1 Spray has won multiple awards!

Our RP1 Gel and the RP1 Roll On are available for horses that are sensitive to spray or for hard-to-reach areas. The RP1 gel can be applied with the help of the supplied sponge.

For horses with sensitive skin or eczema, we recommend the RP1 Sensitive, which is made without alcohol. The RP1 gel also does not contain alcohol.

The RP1 Ultra offers long-lasting protection with an increased concentration of Icaridin.

The combination of the spray and gel achieves maximum effectiveness with minimal product consumption. The spray covers large areas such as the back and croup, while the gel protects hard-to-reach or spray-sensitive areas such as the head, nostrils, ears and stomach.

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