Amino acids are the building blocks of life

Many tissues of the body are made up of protein. Examples are muscles, internal organs, connective tissue as well as skin, hair and hooves.

Protein is made by the body from 20 different amino acids. 10 of these are essential, which means that the horse cannot produce them on its own and must ingest them with food on a regular basis. The absence of even one of these essential amino acids, such as methionine or lysine for example, can result in impaired protein synthesis by the body.

Growing horses in particular need a protein-optimised feed. Alfalfa is a very valuable source of protein for horses.

Breeding & Growth: 10 products


  • Stiefel Rice Germ Oil
    • 100% natural oil
    • Taste-neutral oil
    • For sports and performance horses
  • Stiefel Mineral
    • Supplementary feed for horses
    • For breeding, sports and leisure horses
    • Presentation: Pellet
  • Stiefel Organic Mineral
    • Prevents diet-related deficiency symptoms
    • High-quality supplement to the basic feed ration
    • Grain Free
  • Stiefel Amino Plus
    • With valuable amino acids
    • To support muscle development
    • Can promote performance
  • Stiefel Hemp Oil
    • Important source of Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9 fatty acids
    • 100% natural product
    • With linoleic acid
  • Stiefel Chasteberry, whole seeds
    • Natural ingredients
    • Stabilise the menstrual cycle
    • Increase fertility
  • Stiefel E-Plus Powder
    • Prevents feed-related deficiencies
    • For performance, fitness and resilience
    • Vitamin E with selenium and lysine
  • Stiefel E-Power Liquid
    • Vitamin E with selenium + lysine
    • Bioavailable ingredients
    • With vitamin E & selenium deficiency
  • Stiefel E-Plus Pellet
    • For performance and fitness
    • A deficiency of vitamin E and selenium
    • For performance and fitness
  • Stiefel Calcium
    • Suitable for lactating mares
    • 70% tricalcium citrate
    • Suitable for foals and young horses

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