Stiefel Products for Nerves & Relaxation

Calm horses are happy horses!

Horses perform better when they aren't stressed, which is why it is important to provide them with the right nutrients to support their nerves.

Magnesium, calcium, L-tryptophan and other vitamins help encourage calm, concentration and resilience.

Nerves & Relaxation : 5 products


  • Stiefel Nervs Herbs
    • In the event of stress or nervousness
    • 100% natural
    • 100% unadulterated herb mixture
  • Stiefel Mag Plus Pellet
    • Reduction of stress reactions
    • Additional Vitamin E
    • Dietary feed
  • Stiefel Nerves Herbal Juice
    • For nervous or irritated horses
    • Use in stressful situations
    • It's vegan!
  • Stiefel Mag Plus Powder
    • Magnesium with Vitamin B12
    • Dietary feed
    • May have a concentration enhancing effect
  • Stiefel Mag Plus Liquid
    • Magnesium with vitamin B12
    • Can be provided orally in liquid form
    • Reduces stress reactions

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