Stiefel Supenat

Stiefel Supenat

We always get great feedback on our Suspenat. This time the experience report comes from Judith, who successfully competes in show jumping with her horses. Read on to find out what she says about our Suspenat:

"I used Suspenat for the first time in the Autumn of 2018. At that time, my Valentina suffered from tendon findings and we had to take a few months off training. Her tendon often got warm and we started treating her leg with Suspenat.

Suspenat is a white healing clay and is used as a poultice for cooling stressed joints and tendons. I coated her leg every day and re-moistened it 2-3 times a day.

Her tendons responded well to the treatment and I have been using Suspenat prophylactically since we started training in 2019. It often happens that we start a tournament with conditions that are stressful for her tendons. These are, for example, deep tournament and warm-up areas or tight turns in jumping. Her leg is then coated for 3 days. In the tournament season, Suspenat is very practical because it doesn't contravene any national doping regulations.

Since then, Valentina has been jumping from A to M with me without any further tendon problems.

Suspenat is one of my favourite Stiefel products and I can only recommend it! "

Thank you for your great feedback on our suspenat.