Horse Health

Thrush in Horses Thrush in Horses

Almost every rider knows the smell of thrush that hits you when you lift the hoof of an affected horse. But what exactly is thrush and how does it arise? We explain that here.

Time for a Change of Coat Time for a Change of Coat

Every year flying tufts of fur are hard to ignore. An unmistakable sign that the coat has started to change. What happens in the horse's body and how can you support your horse in terms of feeding? You can find tips on how to do this here.

Intestinal Rehabilitation in Horses Intestinal Rehabilitation in Horses

A healthy gut is of great importance for the health of the horse. In order to support the intestine in its function, intestinal rehabilitation can be carried out. Here we explain how intestinal rehabilitation works and what benefits it brings.

The Horse's Digestive System The Horse's Digestive System

Have you ever wondered what happens to the feed that you give your horse to eat? This blog post explains how digestion works and also gives interesting insights into the inside of the horse.

First Aid for Sunburn First Aid for Sunburn

Horses can also get sunburn. In this blog post, you will find out how you can protect your horse from possible sunburn and what can help alleviate an already existing sunburn.

Summer is Here - Tips for Hot Days Summer is Here - Tips for Hot Days

In our blog post on the subject of heat, we give you tips and suggestions on how you can best protect your horse from oppressive heat and how you can cool off a bit. A checklist for the next hot spell will help you with this.

Muscle Tension by Crisscrossing - Part 3 Muscle Tension by Crisscrossing - Part 3

Every horse can get a crate. But what exactly is a cross crate and how is it created? We deal with this in the third and last part of our topic series "Causes of muscle tension in horses".

It itches! Does my horse have sweet itch?! It itches! Does my horse have sweet itch?!

Is every itch in a horse a sign of sweet itch? Amelie Kokorsky, a prospective animal naturopath specialising in horses, gets to the bottom of this question and tests our Stiefel products on her own horse with itching problems.