Horse Health

Stiefel Broncho Plus

Broncho Plus is one of our most popular products. Natascha and her horses provide an insight into why that is. Read on here.

Stiefel Supenat

Stiefel Suspenat has been used by Judith and her mare - Valentina - for a long time and has always served them both well.

Energy and Strength

We deal with the topic of strength & muscle building. In our current magazine, you can read everything about energy, muscle building and strength.


Electrolytes consist of minerals, trace elements and salt and are responsible for the distribution of fluids and the regulation of the water balance in the horse's body. You can read in our magazine why you have to pay attention to the optimal...

Stomach Ulcers

Many horses suffer from stomach ulcers and quite a few horses suffer silently. Therefore, stomach pain can often go unnoticed for a long period of time.

Sweet Itch

More and more horses are affected. It starts again every spring. The black fly season begins and horses that are affected by sweet itch then suffer from severe itching.

Young Horses

Young horses - including horses that are at the beginning of their training, but also horses that are still growing - are confronted with challenges every day.

Change of Coat

The horse's organism is designed to withstand a wide variety of weather conditions. Horses can live in the desert at +40 degrees, but also in Iceland at -40 degrees Celsius. For horses in our latitudes it is necessary that their bodies have to...


The hoof is the foundation of a healthy horse. In this issue, we cover protection and maintenance.


Malaise is an inflammation of the skin in the fetlock of the horse. It occurs mainly on the hindquarters and more often in horses with long coats. Find out in our report what you have to consider, how to treat and what preventative measures can be...