Pharmacy for the Stable

Pharmacy for the Stable

First of all, it is important to state here that we are not veterinarians! The tips in this post have been compiled to the best of our knowledge and experience. Please consult a veterinarian in any case if you are unsure!

Why is a pharmacy in the stable so important?
Every rider has experienced it: your horse has managed to get a cut, bruise or other injury overnight. How it happened usually remains a mystery. There are many sources of danger and not all injuries can be prevented by removing sharp edges and deep holes, however meticulously you keep the stable. Accidents can happen when riding or in the pasture. In such cases, a well-equipped pharmacy to provide first-aid within hand's reach is of utmost importance. You can stock products for prevention and regeneration after intensive training. The contents should be tailored to the needs of the respective horse and rider. We'll explain our must-haves for the Stiefel pharmacy in a moment. First of all, we want to clarify what correct first aid should look like.

The right first aid
You can compare the pharmacy in the stable with the rider's pharmacy at home because the principle is the same in both cases: a well-equipped pharmacy with products for first aid for abrasions, scratches and bruises can protect against infections or worse diseases later on. Especially with open wounds, it is important to disinfect the affected area in order to prevent the penetration of germs, bacteria or viruses and thus prevent a possible infection in the future. The rider usually protects their wounded skin with a plaster, depending on its size. On horses, bandages are used to keep dirt and germs out of a wound. Cooling gels and ointments can help with bruises. It is not a problem if a wound is bleeding at first, because the blood that flows out of the wound also rinses out germs and dirt. If, however, the bleeding does not stop, a pressure bandage needs to be applied, just as in humans. Injuries to the legs can lead to phlegmon. Particular caution is required here. Please consult a veterinarian in any case.

Which products belong in a well-stocked pharmacy?
As already mentioned, products in a stable pharmacy can vary greatly. According to us, the following products should be included:

  • Disinfectants for cleaning wounds and protecting against viruses and bacteria
  • Cooling and pain-relieving gels for bruises or to calm damaged tissue and to stimulate regeneration
  • Products to relieve itching and to help damaged skin to regenerate
  • Dressing material such as self-adhesive bandages, wadding for pressure bandages and sterile compresses
  • Scissors
  • Plaster
  • Tweezers
  • Clinical thermometer
  • Duct tape
  • Disposable gloves
  • Products for regeneration after intense training or unusual stress
  • Flashlight
  • Pad and pen

Which Stiefel products are suitable for your stable pharmacy?
In our wide selection, you will find an assortment of products that you can use to stock your stable pharmacy. Here we will introduce you to some of our favourite products.

Stiefel Zinc Spray
Stiefel Zinc Spray is a skin barrier ointment spray that can be used for skincare, for treating wounds after injuries and for eczema. The zinc oxides it contains are helpful in skin regeneration and the formation of new, healthy skin tissue. Stiefel Zinc Spray is therefore ideal for covering wounded skin because it forms a film that is breathable and flexible but prevents germs and dirt from entering.

Stiefel Aluminium Spray
Stiefel Aluminium Spray contains fine aluminium particles that form a breathable protective layer when sprayed on a wound and thus protects it from harmful bacteria or contamination. The wound stays clean and healing is promoted. It also has a disinfectant effect.

Stiefel Vetcare Ointment Spray
The new Vetcare Ointment Spray is an ointment to be sprayed on wounds as first aid after injuries. It has an anti-inflammatory effect and promotes the treatment of mallards and chafed areas. Thanks to selected herbal ingredients such as arnica, oregano, thyme, chamomile and tea tree oil in combination with zinc and vitamin E, this spray has a calming effect on sensitive and irritated skin. The active ingredients contribute to improved wound healing. It has a disinfectant effect, relieves tension, itching and chafing.

Stiefel Acute Lotion
Stiefel Acute Lotion is a special lotion for use in case of skin infections (especially in the fetlock), sunburn, itching and injuries to the skin barrier and is also suitable for horses with allergies. Our Acute Lotion contains herbal extracts from nettle, St. John's wort and clove, which can promote regeneration of damaged skin and helps healing wounds. It is absorbed quickly without leaving any residue and makes the skin soft and supple without being greasy. It forms a protective film that keeps out germs and prevents insects from settling on the treated area.

Using Stiefel Vetcare Ointment spray and Stiefel Aktulotion in combination, a customer achieved great success with her mare, who had previously struggled with black flies: “I have tried a lot of products and medicines. None of them was able to interrupt this cycle. With the Vetcare Ointment Spray and the Acute Lotion in combination, I was able to achieve really great results for the first time. I washed the mane really well beforehand in order to remove old flakes of skin and dirt that had been rubbed into the wounds. Then I applied both the Vetcare Ointment Spray and the Acute Lotion on the affected area. The itching was relieved within 24 hours. "

Itching shouldn't be underestimated. Itching causes enormous stress to the whole body, both physical and mental.

Stifel Suspension
Stiefel Suspension is a wrapping paste with kaolin, menthol and wintergreen. Kaolin is a compound of aluminium silicate and water and is considered to be one of the white healing clays. It is ideal for cooling stressed tendons and joints and promotes blood circulation. It has a healing effect when applied after long rides, training sessions or to support soft tissue injuries (such as bruises or hematomas). It is also recommended as a warm application to relieve muscle tension.
Caution: Stiefel Suspension should not be applied to open wounds!

Stiefel Mineral Paste
Like our Stiefel Suspension, Stiefel Mineral Paste can be used both warm and cold on stressed tendons, muscles, ligaments and joints. The mineral paste consists of natural green mineral clay, which contains important minerals and trace elements such as calcium, iron, potassium, silicon and aluminium. Herbs such as arnica, chamomile and menthol have been added to promote a relaxing and regenerating effect. It can also help calm stressed horse legs when used in wraps.

Stiefel Horse Cream
Stiefel Horse Cream can be applied to joints and tendons after hard leg work during training sessions or competitions. Natural ingredients such as menthol, eucalyptus, rosemary and arnica cool, invigorate and regenerate. Thanks to its consistency, this horse cream is also suitable for application in the shoulder and back area.

A customer's grey mare is 30 years old and suffers from age-related osteoarthritis of the carpal joint. Her owner says that the herbs rosemary and arnica help her mare by relieving tension on the affected joint while eucalyptus and menthol cool and rejuvenate the area.

Stiefel Hoof Protect
Stiefel Hoof Protect shields the frog from external influences such as ammonia or urine in the bedding. Wet, muddy ground can also adversely affect hooves. Stiefel Hoof Protect contains an organic copper compound - a highly active carrier substance. It cares for the frog, keeps it dry and thus prevents germs from penetrating into the frog cleft. The combination of active ingredients deeply penetrates and conditions the frog and hoof sole while maintaining breathability.

Stiefel Broncho Plus
Stiefel Broncho Plus is a liquid bronchial elixir with concentrated herbal extracts that can relieve the airways and bronchi in case of postural and feeding-related respiratory problems. Added herbs such as wild thyme and star anise support the regeneration of the respiratory tract even more intensively. It stimulates the natural cleansing of the lungs and eliminates harmful particles, bacteria and dust. Star anise has a sweet, liquorice-like taste that many horses like. This tasty ingredient makes the acceptance of Bronco Plus even easier. It is also suitable for use in acute cases.

Now you have a list of our favourite Stiefel products for a well-stocked stable pharmacy and you also know what first-aid to administer after injuries. Keep your pharmacy products within easy reach. Refill as needed and check expiry dates at least once a year to ensure that your horse is always well taken care of.