Selected Top-Quality Products for Dogs & Horses

Selected Products for Dogs & Horses: 5 products


  • Stiefel Top Shine
    • Knot-free mane
    • Dust-repellent effect
    • For gentle coat maintenance
  • Stiefel Apple Treat
    • Delicious apple taste
    • Without grains
    • With apple pomace
  • Stiefel Vetcare Ointment Spray
    • Spray ointment for skin care
    • For first wound care
    • With selected herbal ingredients
  • Stiefel Hemp Oil
    • A valuable source of essential fatty acids
    • For dogs of all ages
    • Positive effects on skin, coat and immune system
  • Stiefel Brewer's Yeast
    • Made with vitamins and trace elements
    • May support digestion and the skin
    • Great for when your pet is shedding

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