Horse Health

Strong hooves Strong hooves

The hoof is an important part of the horse's body because the horse stands on it most of the day. We explain why hoof health is of great importance and how hooves become strong and resilient.

A tournament day A tournament day

The first tournament is coming up. But what needs to be considered in order to be optimally prepared? We show what can help horse and rider before, during and after the test.

For a healthy start in life For a healthy start in life

In this blog post we go into detail about the age at which a foal needs supplementary feed. In addition, we explain how an optimal supply of the foal can be ensured through the feeding of the mother mare.

A shining performance A shining performance

Silky, knot-free mane and shiny coat: Boots Top Shine Aloe Vera is a must-have for Judith before every show. She also tells us why Top Shine is a real lifesaver for her.

Pregnancy in horses Pregnancy in horses

Many mare owners dream of having their own foal out of their mare. In this article we will go into the feeding of the mare before, during and after pregnancy in order to support her optimally in terms of feeding.

Vitamins and trace elements Vitamins and trace elements

What are vitamins and trace elements and why are they so important? In our new blog post we explain why horses need them and how you can optimally supply your horse with vitamins and trace elements.

Respiratory diseases in horses Respiratory diseases in horses

Not every horse that coughs suffers directly from COPD. You can find out here which respiratory diseases there are, how to recognize them and what you can do to support them.

Help! My horse is too fat Help! My horse is too fat

More and more often, you see fat horses standing on around on lush grass pastures. Only a few people know that equine metabolic syndrome (EMS), the "prosperity disease" of horses, can be hidden behind it.

Arthrosis in horses Arthrosis in horses

Arthrosis is particularly common in older horses. But what exactly is osteoarthritis and why can even young horses get it? We explain how to recognize arthrosis and how you can support your horse.

Oil in horse feeding Oil in horse feeding

There are many different oils that are supposed to have different effects on the horse's body. In our new blog post, we explain what horses need oil for and why less is sometimes more.

Rosehip – A superfruit? Rosehip – A superfruit?

Almost everyone knows the round, bright red rosehip fruit. But only a few know what positive effects it can have on human and animal health. We show what is hidden inside the rosehip.

Stiefel Calcium Stiefel Calcium

Several times Domingo has reacted to environmental impacts with severe nettle rash. On the advice of the vet, his owner Elena added Stiefel Calcium to his feed. You can read about their experiences here.