Stiefel - Senior Dogs

Products specifically for senior dogs

Senior dogs need special care: their immune systems need a little more support, and they're more prone to issues with joints and movement.

For this reason, it's recommended to give senior dogs supplementary food that offers them support for these issues.

Senior Dogs: 4 products


  • Stiefel Hemp Oil
    • A valuable source of essential fatty acids
    • For dogs of all ages
    • Positive effects on skin, coat and immune system
  • Stiefel Rose Hip Powder
    • High vitamin C content
    • Finely ground
    • Easy for the body to use
  • Stiefel Mussel Powder
    • Purely natural product
    • Contains important glycosaminoglycans
  • Stiefel Salmon Oil
    • Valuable source of essential fatty acids
    • Tasty and appetising
    • Beneficial effects on skin, coat and vitality

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